Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ireland Day 24/25 - Dublin

I didn't actually take any photos while I was in Dublin. I brought my camera and lenses, but never took it out of my bag! I'm kicking myself now, but things were a bit non-stop!

Yesterday morning I woke up and took a crappy webcam photo of my backback (woo) before rushing around to catch the bus. Once I made it safely into town, I met up with Roger, Dave and James. We then got on the bus for Dublin! It took about two and a half hours and was pretty uneventful, until Roger started playing Ocarina of Time on his laptop! :O We were all peering over his shoulder watching and I was providing helpful tips :D He had a walkthrough open (he'd never played it before) but I proved to be so awesome and accurate that instead of reading the walkthrough he was asking me what to do next. I'm so awesome.

After arriving in Dublin, we met up with Eoin and his girlfriend Leann! Then we trekked through the city to Dave's place. Everyone insisted he was lost and didn't know where he was going, but eventually we ended up there and everything was dandy. Our first order of business was to drop our stuff and head to the stadium! First rugby match of my life, woohoo! We ate a Burger King (hm) then headed that way. I've done a lot of walking this week and my butt and thighs are so sore. Hurrah for exercise!

The stadium was so awesome. Perhaps I'm easily impressed because I've never been in a stadium like that, but I thought it was awesome. I didn't bring my camera because I'm an idiot, so I can't show you all the splendor. I thought about bringing it, even knew that I should, but I was tired and cranky so I decided not too. Super smart idea! Either way, I still had a great time. The match was enjoyable and I learned as much as I could about how the game is played. Unfortunately, the side we were rooting for lost horribly. Horribly. I'm glad we stayed for the end, the players need moral support!

I guess this match was the first match to be played in the Aviva stadium. It just finished construction. The commentator kept reminding us that we were privy to an important and historic day!

Commence drinking! Dublin parties hardy. We went to an Off License and then back to Dave's apartment. Eoin and Leann went out to dinner and there wasn't a lot to do, so we bought some playing cards. I've learned quite a few fun drinking games while I've been here: pyramids, shithead, fuck the dealer and 25. Why do drinking games have to be so profane? In any case, they're all very fun. We played pyramids, mostly, but also did a few games of shithead. At 10 (I think) we went out to a bar where I had a most delicious drink: malibu and sprite. After two of these apiece, we set our sights to another location: Copper Face Jacks. Apparently it is quite the happenin' spot. I have to say I had quite a fantastic time. The place was huge! I guess it's a few houses that have been gutted and combined to one giant nightclub? It was very neat.

I was very tired not too long after 1am, so Dave showed me the way home. I awoke to a phone call from Roger and James at 3:30 in the morning needing let into the apartment. That was exciting.

Most of today has consisted of us all sitting around slightly hung over and extremely hungry. We played shithead for most of the day and then caught the bus back to Galway, but not before stopping for €9.99 All You Can Eat Pizza Hut buffet. Gross.

I am now sitting down and starving. I'm very glad that I was invited to the rugby game, this weekend was absolutely excellent! I will go in search of some photos now.


July 31

10:17 am: bus: waiting to leave for Dublin.

11:27 am: bus: Roger is playing Ocarina of Time on his laptop. It is a very entertaining way to pass the time!

11:40 am: bus: I have completed my bus traveling experience by using the onboard toilet. It was a creepy little thing.

2:09 pm: Aviva stadium: Rugby match starts at 2:30! This place is huge!

2:14 pm: Aviva stadium: I know what a scrum is now :D

2:54 pm: Aviva stadium: Rugby is pretty fun to watch! Also, it is turning into a very nice day.

4:16 pm: Aviva stadium: The team we were rooting for lost 68-0.

August 1st

10:34 am: restaurant: Breakfast. Not looking forward to the bus ride back home.

1:18 pm: apartment in Dublin: I'm learning so many new card games!

3:26 pm: pizza hut: All you can eat buffet. Weird and gross.



[Pseudonym] said...

I had forgotten you were going to Dublin this weekend. I was wondering why I hadn't seen you on FB. Now I know.

Anonymous said...

68-0? I am now entirely fit to conclude that the Irish know nothing about mercy.

- J

MJ said...

They claim that the teams were entirely unfair, that one was much better than the other. It would appear that they were correct.

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