Friday, August 20, 2010

Ireland Day 44 - Not Much, But Not Bad

I got off the bus, walked into Cotter's and bought two snack bags of Cool Ranch Doritos and a caramel Galaxy bar. I ate the bags and then the bar. Then I finished off the Frosted Flakes (there was not even a handful left in the bag) and I ate two jaffa cakes. I am in the snackiest mood I can ever remember being in. I have water on the stovetop and I am most anxious for my pasta to be ready to eat. I thought about eating a burger again, but three nights in a row may be too much. I'm sure I'll have one again tomorrow though.

Today hasn't been super eventful, but as the title implies it also hasn't been bad. When I woke up this morning it was really stormy outside, like a late fall morning. Steely gray, very windy and rain spattering everywhere. I grabbed my raincoat for sure. At some point while I was in the studio the sun came out though because while on my lunch break it was very nice outside. I indulged myself with mashed potatoes and tomato soup. And a soda. Mmm.

Work was pretty slow, I spent time cleaning around the front desk area. Wish there was a vacuum there, it would have been handy today. After I got off the bus I went straight to Penneys and bought a shoulder/messenger bag. I've been wanting one pretty much the whole time I've been here, I miss mine. There weren't a lot of bags to choose from, but I knew they would have something cheap. It's actually a men's bag, I'm OK with that though. The women's bags were hideous, far too purse-like. The inside of my new bag looks like a circus tent though, it's kind of strange.

I'm hoping I can get the blinds up today to take advantage of the sunshine again. I have a shoot idea that I want to implement and those bright rays would certainly come in handy for the aesthetic I'm seeking. I'd kind of like to go into town tonight, it being Friday and all, but I'd have to pay for a taxi alone and I'm not sure I want to do that. I'll think on it. My laptop is getting dirty. I should look into cleaning it.


7:31 am: home: it's pretty stormy outside. Also, I had a lot of freaky dreams last night.

2:06 pm: shop street: I desperately wish people had turn signals.

**Photo Edit!**

So here was my make-up shoot idea. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I can't pick a favorite, so here are my top choices. After my black and white escapades the other night I wanted to do some more.

**minor second edit**

So far today (8:30 pm) I haven't coughed once. Is it finally gone? This is awesome!! :D :D


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Melanie Rowe said...

Nice pics. I hope the cough is gone for good!

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