Monday, August 16, 2010

Ireland Day 40 - Gummi Bears

Things got a little weird just a bit ago.

I've been wondering what my photo of the day will be and I wasn't coming up with anything. I am too lazy to leave the house today, it's raining and I'm wearing shorts because I have half-assed plans to wash all my jeans. I also don't want to put on shoes. A problem, right? I mean, I could wander around the cul de sac, shoeless and in shorts while it rains. I don't want to freak out the neighbors though.

Instead I've been doing some computer stuff. I deleted a bunch of things to make room for the 12 gig WoW beta patches. That's 12 gigs on top of the already huge install. Seriously, Blizzard? I managed to free up about 10 gigs from deleting the trash in my Aperture file. This is embarrassing to admit, but I didn't even know there was a trash to empty in there. Oh well, it's empty now! There are about four hours left on the patch install. This is the third time I've tried this, so we'll see if it works. I'd really like to play!

Back to my photo of the day conundrum! I have this bag of gummi bears that Cass sent to me. I thought that maybe it'd be fun to do something with them? But what to do! I can't stop thinking about the fact that almost everyone I know is leaving at the same time. Crappy inspiration struck and I decided it would be a good (terrible) idea to make little sets of what people are up to and why they're leaving! I also made an apology, because this may be weird.

Maisa is leaving for home! Her flight is very early tomorrow morning. Clearly, this is her catching the bus to Dublin.

The fantastic Owen and Geraldine are in Russia climbing a mountain!

Dave, James, Tara and Estella are doing a few different things, so I decided to set them at Pukkelpop!

Here's my apology.

Every gummi bear was eaten after the photos were finished. Thought you might want to know that bit of information. 

For the rest of my evening, I'm guessing there won't be any big plans. I'm done playing with candy that much is for sure. I'm getting hungry. I think I'll try my hand at mini pizzas and hope I don't burn the crap out of them this time.


10:14 am: home: lazy day, wonder if I'll even leave the house?

11:37 am: home: going to make some eggs!

11:58 am: home: I wonder, if I had a car here, would I take advantage of it and go places, or would I take it for granted?

12:15 pm: home: searching this kitchen for anything is always a huge adventure.

2:39 pm: home: I'm thinking of using these gummi bears for a photo shoot.

3:14 pm: home: being alone with my thoughts isn't so bad.

5:50 pm: home: I didn't burn my mini pizzas! :D



Melanie Rowe said...

Your blog today gave me a much needed lift, Miranda. I'm sorry everyone is leaving all at once, but that just opens up space for more new people in your life. Did you know it has been in the high 80s & low 90s here? LOL

MJ said...

Oh good! Glad it helped a bit :D It has been rainy here!

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