Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ireland Day 34 - The Prom Again

That's right, I walked the prom again today! After work the weather was just slapping me in the face and taunting me to go out and enjoy it, so I bussed home and had a snack then set out with my camera! In a way, going a few days without taking a proper photo is a good thing, it facilitates me never taking my camera for granted! It feels so nice to be in hyper shutter mode, and I appreciate the breaks too.

A few clouds were rolling in just as I approached the raging Atlantic, I was a bit miffed but forged on ahead. I was rewarded handsomely! I did not get another portrait, but I did get some really awesome ocean shots. The water was so blue. The sun was low in the sky as well, so shadows were interesting and the light grew more and more intense. So very satisfying.

I strolled on through Salthill and decided I would just head to the city center and catch the bus back. Once I was in the Claddagh there were lots of guys playing soccer so I stopped and watched them for a little bit. Another small group of people were flying a large kite and that was enjoyable to watch too. I wanted someone to hang out with so I sent a text to Geraldine and she wasn't home D: (turns out she was kayaking). Instead I went to the middle arch and watched the swans.

Eventually the magical ten minutes settled in. The buildings across from the Claddagh looked so freaking amazing. Turn on the shutter bug! I sat relaxing next to the water until the sun disappeared behind me, then somehow managed to miss the 9:15 bus. That was pretty awesome. I made my way to Eyre Square and waited 45 minutes for the 10:15 to show up. It was cold.

Now, I eat soup! Tomato soup! It's from a powder packet and it is surprisingly good. I'm also eating chocolate >.> They have chocolate oranges here! I was happy when I saw them. I'm going to edit some photos and then go to bed. I'd like to sleep in tomorrow, but I can't sleep in for too long because my appointment is at 2! Woo! I'd also like to make it to the post office, there is a package waiting for me!


9:12 am: walking: I have my camera with me this morning but I need breakfast.

9:45 am: walking: Had a mini Irish at a place called Jalapenos. Missing all the nice morning light.

1:58 pm: eyre square center: there are a lot of screaming children in the center today!

2:06 pm: the cellar: oh my gosh it's beautiful outside. I am going to eat my food as fast as I can so I can enjoy the sun and take pictures.

2:42 pm: Spanish Arch: It's actually hot outside! whoa!!

8:14 pm: the prom: watching this guy fly a kite is oddly relaxing.


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