Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ireland Day 45 - Serious Business

Today was so hectic and wacky! I am now relaxing and doing nothing while trying to will my headache to go away. I have no medicine so I'm just not moving.

I'm probably going to go to bed within the next hour, what a fabulous Saturday evening. Rest is necessary though, I guess.

My 365 today is a boring webcam shot. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head but I just don't have the energy to get up and move around and take a photo. (refer to the headache here)


This morning didn't start off so well. I had very restless sleep last night, I woke up about once every hour. Then I woke up at 7:45. I was supposed to wake up at 7:00. Apparently I didn't set my alarm last night. This really messed up my routine because suddenly I couldn't take a shower. I have to turn on the hot press half an hour before I can use the shower (if I want hot water) and there was just not time anymore. I was kind of bouncing back and forth between my bedroom and the bathroom trying to get my sorts back. Not a great start to the day. It was very windy outside and the Salthill bus was on the 33 route again. I don't like that bus! There are rows of seats that face one another and it is kind of awkward.

I went to Penneys and bought some new shirts. My wardrobe options are making me insane. I need just a few more options. I got to the studio at 9:30 and when I opened the door the phone was ringing. NO TIME. Ten minutes later the phone rang again. ??? And then the 10am shoot appointment showed up at 9:50. I have never had so much happen before opening before. I was so frazzled from waking up late too.

Originally there were three shoots scheduled for today but only two showed up. There was no down time though, oh no. The studio was a hoppin', happenin' place today. Everyone wanted to be in there and they all wanted to be in there at the same time. *scream* Feast or famine. The shoots had me nervous, I was pumping myself up before both of them. They were the regular sort of family shoots that included small children! My time to really give my all and take some great photos. I feel that they both went well. I edited through them today and had a chance to review my work. It's good to take note of what I can do better next time and what went well. I'm excited to do the viewings tomorrow (both people wanted to come in tomorrow to see them asap) and see their reactions!

It was really non-stop and was a stark comparison to the majority of the quiet, slower days that I have had. Even when there are multiple things (shoots/viewings/passports) happening in one day it has never been madness like this before! Even the AC couldn't cool me down.

I've been hoping to see Steve soon to get some help with permanently fixing the blinds in my room. I also want to ask him if his sister would like to come into the studio for some family photos. Brad is encouraging me to practice when things are slow and I know that she has a small son. Usually he's home  at this point in the weekend, so I am baffled. I just reminded myself that I need to ask Miriam if we can go to immigration on Monday so I can get my passport re-stamped. I will do that tomorrow morning, I don't know what she does in the evenings and I don't want to bother her!

Tomorrow I get to sleep in. Marvelous. I was going to play some WoW tonight but Andrew is sending me a large file and it's taking up computer power and I'm sure bandwidth, so perhaps I'll skip it. I should start preparing to leave for Paris. I could use a small suitcase. I need one anyway for my return trip home. Maybe I'll do that on Monday too, there's a luggage store in Eyre Square Center. Just my luck!


8:44 am: walking: I have my sights set on today improving because so far lots of things have gone wrong.

9:46 am: photo one: three shoots today. Oh man.

12:54 pm: riordan's: the weather prediction was actually right! simultaneous rain and sun.

1:13 pm: riordan's: a gay pride parade just passed through the Latin Quarter!

4:21 pm: photo one: today is the insane day I've been waiting for amongst all the very slow days.

5:33 pm: photo one: I want to go see Inception again.



[Pseudonym] said...

"I went to Penneys and bought some new shits."

I LOVE new shits!


MJ said...

Gosh that is a bad typo!

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