Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ireland Day 48 - Rainbows

I'm not really in a blogging mood right now so this will be short.

Today I succeeded in getting my passport re-stamped so I'm allowed to stay until the 29th of September. That's good. I also found an inexpensive piece of luggage that will work nicely for my trip to Paris as well as taking the few extra things I've bought here home at the end of next month.

The rest of the day has included eating, sleeping, watching Friends, grocery shopping and reading cracked.com.

Absolutely enthralling.

I saw a rainbow today.

This is crooked because I don't care. I apologize.

After posting my blog yesterday there were some nice clouds.

Mom I bought carrots and broccoli at the store today.



[Pseudonym] said...

The second picture from the bottom almost looks like a piece of filmstrip from whatever's hanging at the top of the window. Neat effect!

I've also just recently found Cracked.com. Pretty good stuff there!

MJ said...

That's the bottom of my blinds :)

There are some very hilarious as well as interesting articles there.

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