Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ireland Days 38/39 - BBQ and Sunshine!

I have my window open even though there are spiders camped outside of it. The weather is just so fantastic and it was warm in my room. I'm hoping that the spiders will stay outside and continue to catch bugs so I can enjoy the fresh air.

Yesterday was an exciting today because there was a bbq! Caitriona threw one at her place. It was nice to see everyone all in one place! It had been almost two weeks *gasp*. I was very interested in knowing what went on at an Irish bbq, and it turns out that they're very similar to ones in the States! Hamburgers and sausages. Woo! I was really hungry so there was no cheese on my burger. There was ketchup and whatever "secret sauce" was there. Devoured! I brought my camera with every intention of taking photos, but I decided to chat/drink/eat instead. On the one hand it's a shame, on the other I had a great time so it was worth it. People here are awesome.

As the evening wore on thoughts turned to going out. I can't remember the name of the club we went to, but it was not Cuba! I'm sure I've never been to this place before. It was nice enough. We all stood around and talked the whole time. My backpack got left at Caitriona's place and she and Steve were super awesome and brought it to be at work today! Saved me a trip of getting lost in Salthill trying to find her place again. Apparently when we left the club I knocked heads with another girl because my face is bruised (not visibly) around my eye. So classy.

They have chocolate oranges here too!

It was a very good night and I have the next two days off. Everyone is leaving >:O so I'm just going to catch up on sleep and watch Friends! Maybe I'll practice using the kitchen :P I'm really hoping the weather keeps up for this coming week. It will encourage me to get out of the house! I want to go on some more walks, I've been walking so much that my legs are sore non-stop.

Tomorrow I'm going to call and have my flight changed. Ireland gets me for a full three months, the lucky dog! It's just fantastic here, Washington but better! My list of reasons to stick around is ever growing. Butler's hot chocolate is on that list. I think about not having access to it whenever I want and I become very sad. I've honestly never had such an incredible hot chocolate before, and it's a drinkable temperature right from the get go. Perfection!

There are so many places here to see yet. The extra four weeks will give me so much more time to explore. I am thrilled at the thought! Maybe I'll take some pictures today. I almost fell asleep earlier. It is almost 8 pm. I'm so tired.


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