Monday, August 9, 2010

Ireland Day 33 - Good Mood

Ireland sells hot dogs in packs of 6 and buns in packs of 6. You hear that, America? Take note, because it's a really good freakin' idea. However, they don't sell the buns in a bag that is possible to reseal, so three of my buns are bad and moldy D: Ah well.

I'm finding myself in a surprisingly good mood today. Not surprising because I have a difficult time being happy, no no, I just find myself especially happy today. For one, I woke up and felt loads better. I still have minor head congestion, and any laughter quickly turns to a rasping sickly coughing fit, but the spring in my step is back!

Today at work things were very slow. I swept and paced and printed a lot of flyers. First thing in the morning someone slams down a fifty. People here like fifties. I had to get change asap after that. The ABC Bookstore people are very nice.

There was an odd moment this morning when a woman came in with her two children looking to have photos taken right then. She asked me if a photographer was in. I hesitated for a second and then said, "I am the photographer. Brad is on holiday so I am on camera duty". She seemed surprised and said she hadn't known whether or not I was the only person there. There are a lot of conclusions I could draw from that, doesn't really matter though!

A few days ago I had a bee incident, wherein it flew in my open window and then buzzed around on the  glass trying to get back out. This last for maybe 15 minutes before the stupid thing finally flew back out. I promptly shut the window. The next day I was having ponderings regarding whether or not I wanted to ever open my window again when I discovered not one, but TWO spiders outside the window, and one had made a web. "That settles it then" I told myself. Why does nature insist on trapping me inside?

I've discovered two favorite places to eat. One is Riordan's, the other is Lynch's Cafe. Brad pointed out Riordan's to me my first week here and they have some awesome tasty food. They're often super busy though. When I was with Owen and Geraldine last week (week before?) the three of us went to lunch at Lynch's, where I had never been before that. I've gone a few times since then, and I went today for lunch as well. Imagine my surprise when I am tapped on the shoulder and it's Geraldine! She and Owen were eating there too so the invited me over. Such a pleasant happenstance.

Today is the last day that my month long bus pass is valid. I need to remember to bring €55 to buy a new one, plus €1.80 for the ride into town. MONEY.

The weather took a turn for the beautiful just as I was leaving work. The bus ride was full of warm sun rays as we bounced down the road. I had my headphones on again, so things were especially pleasant for me.

If you can't already tell, this blog is pretty random. I'm just putting down my thoughts. I haven't blogged proper this whole last week (damn my cold), I want to fix that! I should go take some more photos. Nature might attack me if I go outside though. Decisions decisions.


Good thing I wrote down that I wanted to mention bank holidays! I completely forgot.

I don't know if this is specific to Ireland, but either way they have bank holidays. This didn't mean anything to me when everyone kept saying "This Monday is a bank holiday!". I would ask "Which holiday?" and they'd respond "A bank holiday!" and I would stare in a confused way. I finally say "Which holiday is happening that is causing the bank to be closed?" Turns out, there is no holiday in the sense that I'm thinking, it's not in memory or commemorating anything. The first Monday of every other month the banks are closed. It is, simply, a bank holiday.


8:51 am: 33 bus: my bus pass expires today.

9:02 am: 33 bus: a reminder to mention Bank Holidays in my blog

12:37 pm: photo one: boy I am hungry. Not sure how I'm going to go another hour and a half without lunch!

12:43 pm: eyre square center: that creepy ginger was leering at me. Then I dropped my iPod.

2:54 pm: lynch's: surprise lunch with Geraldine and Owen! How pleasant :D

5:59 pm: 33 bus: good day. Never be in a hurry here, the crowds walk so slow.



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Since nature likes to trap you inside, I'd suggest you don't go camping. It's ALL OVER out there!

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