Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ireland Day 27 - First Shoot!

I did my first shoot at my internship today! All by myself! I feel that it went pretty well. The subject in question was a super cute 10 month old girl. She had the hugest eyes! She was also accustomed to being photographed by her parents, so she wasn't camera shy at all. I couldn't have had an easier "first". I can only guess that all future shoots that I do will be exceedingly complicated xD We did a lot of training today, actually. Catharine (a woman that works for Brad when he needs it) and I are going to be doing a very large family shoot this Sunday. Should be interesting! He set up the studio in a very imaginative way; he really makes every inch count in there. I'm doing two shoots by myself on Saturday as well! Catharine is popping in for the first one to make sure everything goes smoothly. This internship rocks, it's exactly what I wanted it to be.

Today was very long. Work was busy busy busy, the bus was late, didn't get home until 7ish, then I went to the store and bought food (yay). I snacked while my mini pizza cooked, then I burned the pizza so I had to make something else. Sheesh. I made hot dogs, by the way. I found them all the way in Ireland. I had an epic hunt for ketchup and mustard though. The buns were not precut. I was a little flabbergasted there. I sorta tore them because I didn't want to dirty a knife with bread.

I really love it here in Ireland. Specifically Galway. It's special. Amazing. To me, it is perfect.


P.S. super lazy photo. I have a bit of a sore throat.

I've had four of these and two of another kind today.

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Kirstin said...

Oh man, do I sense another expatriate in the making????


We could snag $25 Ryanair tickets to see each other when we needed a little fellow American time. Hells yes.

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