Friday, August 13, 2010

Ireland Day 37 - A Package Arrives

Last week I received a notice in the mail stating that a package had arrived for me and I would have to go pick it up. Lucky for me, I worked the next 5 days straight and the main post office was quite a ways out of town. Wednesday was my first day off, but I already had plans. So today, Friday, is the first chance I've had to go and get it. It was an adventure, driving back and forth, attempting to locate the very poorly signed building. Perseverance paid off and I eventually was able to collect my package!

Cassidy sent me  a random assortment of items!


Regular parmesan cheese and ranch dressing. Ranch dressing doesn't exist in Ireland.

Homemade cookies! :O!

Me enjoying a red gummi bear. Friend didn't like it so much. 

And then just a visual update on my tattoo. It's healing at a good speed I think! Still very sore though. I'm glad the redness has diminished!

Good day, even aside from the package. I slept in a bit and enjoyed some cereal. The trip out to the post office was fun, and then lunch was had! Obscenely filling Turkish food. Doner (doners?) to be exact. So. much. meat. I could barely get through half of mine, whereas Dave had more meat than anyone should ever eat in one sitting. It was astonishing. Coke was involved, which was nice. I haven't had much soda since I've been here (other than with the whiskey), so they were very refreshing.

The weather went back and forth blazing hot and sprinkly/windy. It was a fun challenge to regulate the temperature in the car.

It looks as though the rest of my evening is going to be very quiet. Just watching Friends and staring into space. Maybe I'll play some WoW and eat gummi bears? Hmm! I'd like to go into town, but I think everyone is waiting for the bbq tomorrow! It'll be fun and I am looking forward to it! Right now I want to take a nap, that food took a toll on me. My bed is stripped of linen though! It's all on the drying rack. My fingers are crossed that it'll be dry enough for me to use tonight, probably won't happen though. I'll be on a completely bare bed. Should be interesting. 

Maybe I'll add more later, but for now I think I'm good!



Melanie Rowe said...

I hope you enjoyed the yummies from home. A lot of that came from Target :)

Anonymous said...

I like your new tattoo. I see many things within the lines, but, beneath it all, I see a heart.

- John

MJ said...

I do too, which, funnily enough, I didn't before it was on my body. :)

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