Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ireland Day 43 - Routine?

Nothing particularly astounding has happened today. I think it's safe to say that it was all rather routine. Except there was still the joy of being in Ireland. That hasn't gone away with the onset of a regular schedule. Woohoo!

I was rushing around terrified that I would be late for the bus today. I mean, I was tying my shoes in between bites of cereal, I was on the wire. So, of course, the bus was exceptionally late! I was on the bus though, that's what matters. I've also decided that I like to sit behind the bus driver. At first I would sit somewhere near the middle of the bus, but now I just plop down at the very front. There's not a heater at my foot and (generally) I don't have a stranger leaning on me.

Today had a crispy morning. I wanted to stay in the street smelling the air, but I had to go to work. Today I did lots of cleaning. It was enjoyable because I brought my headphones and rocked out. I can only sing if the volume is loud enough to drown out my voice, so I cranked it! Florence + The Machine is just so good. I like it when I've listened to a musician long enough to know the words, singing along makes me happy.

There was a lot to be learned today: I spent a bit of time on the phone with Brad going over a lot of new information. As a result, I was pretty darn busy! It was nice. A sense of accomplishment is important in a job. *accomplishment*!

I ate two today. Plus a bag of white chocolate Buttons.

Something very funny did happen today, I don't know that I'd classify it as good or bad. I ended up on the phone with an older woman who couldn't understand a single thing that I said. I understood her perfectly, she had a normal (not thick) Irish accent. I said my name and where I was calling from and she asked me to repeat myself and to talk slower. So I said it again and she asked me to repeat myself again. Then she asked me to spell my name. She sounded almost incredulous for the whole conversation, like I was offending her because she couldn't understand me. It was so strange! I had to work really hard to not start laughing, I have never been on the receiving end of the "what are you saying I can't understand your accent" scenario! She asked me where I was from. "The United States", "What?", "The United States", "Hmm". I'm pretty sure she still didn't understand what I said but didn't want to keep talking to me. Gosh I'm laughing just thinking about it. It's crazy how often I've encountered a language barrier here. It definitely teaches patience and tact.

After closing time I painted the backdrop/ground for the photo shoot area. I listened to music for that as well, so it went pretty quickly. My hand really hurt afterward though! It didn't feel this way last time, maybe I was holding the roller wrong. I ended up getting paint on the floor (NO idea how that happened) and it was on my shoe and under my fingernails as well. Paper towels ahoy!

Look at all that sleeping space!

My tattoo is starting to get super itchy, I take that to mean I'm on the upswing of the healing process. I feel like it's itchier than either of my other two were. Maybe because they're smaller? Who knows.

I suppose I should find some things to photograph now.


8:47 am: walking: there's a good chance I will regret leaving my rain coat at home.

9:42 am: photo one: I wish I could actually sing xD

11:42 am: photo one: so much to do at work today!! :D

11:47 am: photo one: just rang a woman and she couldn't understand a single thing I said. Not one thing. I was spelling words and everything. It was difficult to not start laughing.

2:31 pm: Riordan's: the food is so good everywhere here, I eat too fast and then have the hiccups and feel sick.

4:08 pm: photo one: I'm ready to paint the back drop but I have to wait until we're closed.

5:49 pm: photo one: paint all over my hands! a cramp in the right one as well D:


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