Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ireland Day 41 - New Room

I had a bunch of notes on my ipod from my day today and something happened (I don't know what) and apparently I accidentally deleted all but two of them. Which is funny (stupid) because I can't even figure out how to bring up a dialogue box that will allow me to delete huge chunks of text at a time in the notepad. GRR. I will attempt to move on.

Today was another largely lazy day. The weather has gone back and forth rapidly from sunny to angrily overcast. While I was up and perusing the internet around 10 am I was roasting in my bedroom from the sunbeams. It was at that point I realized I was completely alone. Maisa left around 3 am this morning for Dublin. She has since landed safely back in Texas, so that's good! I received a text from Brad asking me to stop in the studio, so I decided to actually get up and moving for the day.

Meals here have been such an odd thing. I buy a few easy groceries and then feel stumped when it comes time to eat. Today I happened to be out of cereal, so that option was out. I opted for tomato soup, cheese on toast and some jaffa cakes for after. It was delicious! Burned the hell out of my tongue on the soup though. Took a few hours for the pain to subside.

Took the 1:15 bus into town and was a little cold while waiting. My jeans were all on the drying rack so I was wearing shorts. The first time I've worn shorts since I got here. It wasn't freezing, but a few breezes kicked up. I arrived at the studio in time to watch Brad doing a large family photo shoot. There were three kids and they were incredibly high energy! I hung back and watched his expertise, not wanting to interrupt. After catching up a bit and discussing some more things I wanted to learn/do while I'm at the studio, I headed back out to town. I passed the time at the Spanish Arch watching the swans and enjoying the (moderately) nice weather.

My day transitioned smoothly into grocery shopping. Apparently Joyce's rotates stock and brands because I couldn't find things that I was looking for that I had successfully purchased there before. That was fun. I managed to make it work though! I have some food again. I made myself a sandwich and ate more of that crunch yogurt stuff. I originally grabbed a vanilla chocolate pack, but it didn't have a barcode, so the checker grabbed another one to ring, only it was a banana chocolate one. I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to hold up the line because the person in front of me also had to have something price checked. So I crossed my fingers and took a bite once I was home and it was actually pretty good. I was so relieved.

This is very full of ramblings and now I'm on to my main point: I have a new room! Same house, more space. Maisa got here first so she had the larger room with the bathroom. We were chatting last night and she asked me if I was going to move into it once she left. I told her I'd have to check with Steve to make sure there were no reasons why I couldn't. To my great delight, there were no reasons that I couldn't! I immediately set to moving my stuff over. Lots of sweeping and re-organizing happened. It's amazing how many little random items I have acquired already. I am a terrible pack rat. There's a TV in this room too, so that's pretty sweet. A larger bed as well, more room to stretch out! Also, every day that I've been here I have hit my elbow or head on the wall, the twin bed is just too small.

Space! A TV! A queen bed! Mirrors!

One last thing before I end this: there was a really freaky guy on the bus ride home today. He smelled of garbage and was rocking back and forth wild breathing rapidly. Just terrifying.


Interesting and fun things happened! I must add to this post.

I started chatting with CaitrĂ­ona on facebook and it was revealed that we were both bored and interested in ice cream! To my great delight she drove out to Knocknacarra Park and picked me up so we could hang out for a bit. We went on an adventuresome ride out to Spiddal, among other places. We ended up in Barna, which was surprising, and then went out to a rocky and nice area before turning around again. We passed by this really awesome old house and she stopped so I could snap a photo. It was getting pretty dark, so it's not a great photo, but it's certainly better than nothing!

Our ice cream plans led us to the Supermacs in Salthill. We got ice cream on hot muffins. Kind of like a brownie earthquake from Dairy Queen, only no marshmallow cream or hot fudge. It was good though! We chatted it up there for a while and then she dropped me off back home. It was nice hanging out with her, she's nice! Everyone here is so nice! It's enjoyable to go for a ride and see more of the area that's not just touristy parts. Makes me happy. :)


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Melanie Rowe said...

I'm glad to know you'll be enjoying the rest of your time in a comfy bed with lots of space to accumulate MORE stuff!

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