Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ireland Day 49 - Me

In many forms. My hand hurts from holding the camera at odd angles for so long. I desperately wish I had a model to use with this evening sunlight. It's phenomenal. I got some shots of myself that I'm happy with but man it would be great to have someone else to photograph so I didn't have, y'know, "how far my wrist can pivot" restrictions. Plus there's the fact that I feel a little funny posting so many photos of myself. I'll gladly take tons of self-portraits, then I feel self-conscious when other people know how many I've taken D: Oh well I guess! Just as a warning, this post is going to be full of photos that are fairly similar to one another because I couldn't pick a favorite and I believe each has its own merits.

Work was non-stop today. It was chock full of learning. Everyday I have learned, of course, but today especially, my cup runneth over. In a good way! There were a bunch of shoots to edit through and photos to work on, people to call and prints to sort and two shoots to sit on to facilitate learning! The day went by very quickly because I had so much to do. I actually didn't get to finish it all! Tomorrow looks to be pretty busy as well. Multi-tasking skills, come to me! Oh, and customer service too. Kidding, kidding!

I had a hurried meal at Lynch's and then wound my way back to the studio. The bathroom key was gone so I had the great honor of using the public pay toilets. I won't go into the horrid details, just know it was bad.

After work I spent some time at the Spanish Arch. When the weather is nice I, like so many others, enjoy sitting there and musing. I don't know what it is. The river was high and I had a fun encounter with a few pigeons. While sitting there I realized that I'd really like to go swimming, and then I had a moment where I seriously began to weigh the pros and cons of jumping in. 

I'd have to leave my bag behind, of course, but would someone steal it? Do people ever swim in the river when it's high? Would I have to float all the way down to the stairs in order to get out? How cold is the water? I decided against it at long last and contented myself to just stare across to the Claddagh. At 6 the church bell went off. I expected it to toll 6 times, but I guess it's on military time too because it went off 18 times. I'm getting quick at military time as well and that's nice.

This picture is seriously cropped in and has suffered a loss of quality as a result. I assure you that however pixelated that spit string looks, it is totally legitimate and I am fascinated by it.

Since buying my messenger bag I've considered bringing my camera with me everyday again. I didn't want to bring my backpack anymore, so as a result no more camera. This morning I remembered to put my camera in my bag. However I didn't feel compelled to take any photos while at the Arch. I considered it, scoped the area for photos that interested me. Perhaps I was just feeling lazy because nothing caught my eye. 

Immediately after walking in the door to the house I put a pot of water on. My mind was set on a monstrous bowl of pasta. I don't usually make a mess when I make pasta but here for some reason I get noodles all over the place. I had a strangely large mess for boiling spirals. Not sure what that's all about. See then next I got parmesan cheese all over the kitchen table, but that actually makes sense (it just flings everywhere when I stir the noodles). 

The next step of my grand plan was to watch Half-Blood Prince and cry this time (last time I watched it I didn't cry. I blame Dave). But then when I got upstairs I was stirred into a frenzy by the setting sun's light and I took 198 pictures of myself. Now it's just about 9 pm and I'm blogging, editing the photos and watching Friends. 

What will tomorrow bring?


8:48 am: bus stop: what an amazing morning.

12:45 pm: photo one: today is some serious freakin' business! non-stop learning, I'll be a studio photographer yet!

1:43 pm: Lynch's: the plastic cups here are made in the USA.

2:18 pm: Eyre Square Center: the pay toilets here officially smell like a cat box and sound like a petting zoo.

6:34 pm: 33 bus: when something is wrong when nothing is wrong, seeing the ocean makes me feel better.


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Melanie Rowe said...

What a fascinating series of photos. It's weird how your eye that close up doesn't even look like you. I'm glad you had a good day and that plenty of learning is happening!

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