Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ireland Day 35 - Tattoo

I don't anticipate much else happening today, so I'm going to go ahead and blog now.

Today was the big day, tattoo number three! My appointment was at 2 so I had some time to kill. I took advantage of this time to sleep in and it was awesome. I didn't want to sleep the day away though, so I got up and chatted with Jacki! She's the best =3 I had a nice big breakfast (read: two bowls of frosted flakes and a banana) to give me strength! Oddly enough I really wasn't nervous until I laid down to receive the tattoo. I must be getting stronger.

I have photos like this of my wrist and shoulder too.

I caught the 12:45 bus into town to give myself time to walk around and take some money out of the bank. I whiled away the time at the Spanish Arch enjoying the rain and my repetitive playlist. Originally, Geraldine was going to come with me to my appointment, but plans changed a bit! To my great relief, Dave offered to come with me. I needed that. A ways into the tattooing he asked me why I was squeezing the hell out of my own hands and then offered me his. So I squeezed and pinched and dug my fingernails into him instead of myself. Poor guy. Good thing he's a man and therefore feels no pain :P

This one took a bit longer than my other two. It's a little bigger, but not by much, just a lot of line work. It was beginning to be unbearable. My leg wanted to twitch and freak out very badly. I was terrified that I'd have a coughing fit and mess up the artist D: Fortunately, my body appeared to realize it wasn't the time or place for coughing and it kept itself under control.

Looking in the mirror it isn't crooked, but however I move my leg it appears to be crooked from my angle!

FINALLY, it was over. After that I was absolutely ravenous so we went and got some food. I wanted some delicious Italian (and more bruschetta!) so we walked to Bella Roma and they were closed D: D: I was very upset. He suggested Eddie Rocket's (which is just Johnny Rocket's) and my stomach decided American food would be perfect. So we took my ravenous self over there instead. I had a cheese burger, fries and a chocolate shake. It was perfection. I noticed that Dave still had some good red marks still on his hand from my fingernails. Dug a little too hard. Whoops!

It doesn't "mean" anything. It can be whatever I want. I'm going to say "Ireland" and "Travel".

Now I am relaxing with my pant leg rolled up all covered in good. It stung pretty good while I was washing it. Also, this one was definitely more painful than the other two. Yikes. Especially when the needle got closer and closer to my inner leg. Ow ow ow. I'm glad it's over with now! Glad I had a buddy to help me through it too.

After fooding he showed me the huge cathedral and the college. I had yet to explore those areas of Galway, so I really appreciated it! A pretty good day I'd say :)



[Pseudonym] said...

Did you have that design picked out before you went? Or did you select it once you got there?

MJ said...

I went in a few weeks ago and looked at some designs (they had a lot of books with Celtic knots in them) and then changed one like that I liked so that I liked it even more :)

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