Friday, August 6, 2010

Ireland Day's 28/29 - Busy busy

OK! I did not mean to skip two whole days. Holy cow. I've been going non-stop though! Wednesday was Dave's birthday, so after work I went home and ate then jetted back into town with Catherine to meet up with everyone. The Irish really know how to throw a birthday party! I didn't want to miss it. I had a lot of fun at Owen's two weeks ago as well! Seeing as I had (still have) a head cold it probably wasn't the best idea, but I am choosing to live it up. Either way, everyone was up late and I got home around 2 and just crashed. Suffice it to say, yesterday I did not feel good at all. Combining a head cold with a hangover is something I'd rather not ever repeat. I think some of the guys were much worse off though. I've never heard of this game, but they call it Edward Buckfast Hands. I guess we have it at home, but I wasn't aware. Either way, the person in question has a bottle of Buckfast (we've established how I feel about that stuff) taped to each hand and they can't remove the bottles until they're both empty. No thank you!

I was the taper, not the drinker! I had whiskey for my throat xD I was sipping it straight for a while then decided to add a little coke. I didn't want too much because the carbonation just irritates a raw throat! So I sat around enjoying the use of my hands while Catherine, Maisa, Roger, Dave, Eoin and Geraldine punished themselves for some unknown sin. I have it on good authority that all the guys (they were drinking Buckfast, the girls opted for something less horrific) were in bad shape the next day :P

Not that I'm one to talk, I felt awful. I had a hard time sleeping consistently because of my throat and the light coming in through the shades was so bright! I loafed in bed until 1 pm, struggling to gain the energy to get in the shower. I felt better after that but I was still in some serious need of medicine. I left my stuff at Geraldine's place, so I had to walk to the store and buy more! I can't believe I managed it. The cold medicine here is extremely potent. It must be the stuff they give to famous people. Half an hour after taking it it's as though I'm a different person. Just unbelievable. It's not so bad that they don't have Nyquil/Dayquil here, because this stuff is better!

By the time I was medicated and sitting upright, Louise was in town! She is the fabulous woman that lives in Ireland and works with International Internships to place students here. She's our contact of support and lifeline! She is also very awesome. She was swinging by to catch up with the three of us and to take video testimonials regarding how our internships are going. I feel knowing I'm helping potential students to choose this company. There weren't nearly enough testimonials on their website when I started this process. That all ended up taking longer than I thought, but that's OK! It was nice to talk with her and give my two cents about the company :D

After THAT, I had plans to watch movies and eat foood with friends and that went late. See? Non-stop! I woke up this morning and realized two things: One, that I hadn't blogged in two days and TWO, that I didn't take a photo yesterday D: D: D: Shame shame shame. Oh well, I will forge ahead and try not to let that happen again!

I'm on work for the next five days while Brad is out on vacation. Holding down the fort with pride over here! There are some shoots happening this weekend too. Send me your positive energy so I don't forget anything important! :D

p.s. Catherine leaves for home tomorrow morning! She is super awesome and I am going to miss her! Hopefully the three of us can hang out a bit tonight? I have to do laundry, but that won't take me too long. Hanging the wet clothes is the most time-consuming part!



[Pseudonym] said...

I will send you some protons. Positive energy. Get better.

MJ said...

Where does one find Protons, I wonder?

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