Monday, September 13, 2010

Ireland Day 68 - Dinner!

Delicious Italian dinner.

Even though the entire comic isn't relevant to Italian dinner, Penny Arcade really nailed the subject in the last two panels. Nothing weird like that happened, but Estella and I conversed about how everybody likes Italian. Made me think of this comic. Wanted to share!

We went to Bella Roma, which made me very happy. I ate there about two months ago on my big shopping day and I've wanted to go back ever since. Their bruschetta? So good. This time I had lasagna, which was also pretty tasty. Next time I think I'll get the pizza again!

It was nice to hang out with Estella for a bit. She's very nice! She lives out of town so I don't see her as much as I see everyone else, which is a shame. This evening was fun though. She ordered raspberry cheesecake and it looked really good. I should pop in there and just get that like she did. Yum!

I had today off, and I have tomorrow off too. Nice to have some sleeping in time. Although lately I'm having a difficult time sleeping. Even though I'm tired I just... lie awake. Once I finally do fall asleep I wake up (almost every time) around 2 in the morning and I feel wired. After I actually get back to sleep, I wake up again around 4, then once 7/7:30 rolls around I am so super tired. This is a bit vexing.

This morning I woke up around 9:30 and my body refused to go back to sleep. So I loafed in bed. Music and tv and photos, all while under the covers and in my jammies. It's nice to laze about once in a while.

Once evening plans were made with Estella I decided to actually take a shower and find something to eat (laziness overrides hunger). Then I set to more preparations for my Etsy shop. I believe I've found a printer that I want to go through, just need to order a few test prints. I've researched prices and will decide on those soon. As for shipping, similar with the regular prices. The last thing is deciding which prints I'm going to sell! So, I started going through my photos.

You like my fake moon?

I have a lot of photos. An exhaustive amount, really. As a preliminary round, I started copying files over to an Etsy folder. These photos are my favorites, ones that I'm particularly proud of or that I think have something universally appealing to them. Next I'd really like to go through them with a few different people and get some feedback. Just because I like a photo that doesn't necessarily mean someone will want a print of it. What factors go into that decision? I need some marketing help.

It was enjoyable to go through so many photos. Coming across ones just from earlier this year I have so many critiques for them. Whereas initially the photos looked great to me, and now I can think of what I would do better/different next time. Move this arm there, turn the face that way, move the camera perspective lower, more to the right, change the horizon placement, add another light, move the only light, etc etc.

Good to know that I'm still learning and growing and thinking critically about my photos! Now I just need models. I feel pretty good about landscape photos, been taking so many of them. More people please!

My evening rounded out by calling my dad! Yesterday was his birthday and I fell asleep before I could call him :S He was really pleased to hear from me, and it was quite nice to talk to him. Got to catch him up on everything that has been going on. Been a pretty nice day! Now I will make hot chocolate and watch the rest of 27 Dresses on TV! It is actually exciting when a movie I already own/have seen comes on TV spontaneously.


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