Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ireland Day 76 - Gym!

When I woke up this morning I didn't think that I'd be going to the gym this evening!

My plans included heading to town to take some specific photos, lunch with Dave and buying a new book. However, the day turned into so much more than that!

I rolled into town and the weather was not nice. There was no rain but it was very cold and frustratingly windy. I was attempting to scout out groups of students busily enjoying themselves in the Square, the Spanish Arch and along Shop Street and the Latin Quarter.

Surprise! No one hangs out in this crappy weather! Lugged around my stuff for no reason >:O

Not all was lost though! Met up with Dave at Bella Roma and had more of their delicious food. I hope that they never disappoint me.

I was assured that myself and my fellow Americans are idiots because we make up too many words and don't just speak English. A few examples would be 'faucet' and 'cleats'. Nevermind the fact that to me a 'tart' is sweet; it is not anything related to goat cheese.

As fact would have it though, I am wrong.

My further explorations led me to a nice afternoon with Owen wherein we talked about jobs and career wishes, and then we went to the bookstore where I picked up a copy of Eat Pray Love. My curiosity is getting the better of me after both Maisa and Catherine were reading it and the ads for the movie are on the TV constantly.

Most of my jewelry that I wear everyday, chillin' on the nightstand. 

I was looking for a copy of The Dresden Files, but they didn't carry any of the books, which I find extremely odd. Suppose I'll find another bookstore tomorrow and try again.

We went and visited Geraldine (yay!) at her work and it was decided that we would all eat burritos for dinner! This was very exciting. I do love burritos, and they beat the pants off of having pizza for dinner again. I love pizza too, but this was definitely the better option.

This is around the time that they decided to invite me to go to the gym with them! I was very resistant at first, stating that I had no workout clothes and I wasn't really in the mood. They persisted and said it would be fun and that Geraldine had clothes I could borrow. I greatly enjoy their company and I enjoy being out of the house AND I haven't been to the gym in ages and realized a thorough workout would do me good, so I went ahead and decided to go.

So glad that I went! We ate dinner and watched The Inbetweeners (which is a freaking hilarious show) and then we walked to the gym! It's out past NUIG, so the walk home afterwards provided a nice bit of additional cool-down.

Once we arrived we realized there was a bit of a mixup in the schedule and the class we were going to go to wasn't actually happening. Instead there was a rather girly aerobics class happening, so Owen left us at the door and went off to do his own thing. Probably for the best!

Geraldine and I proceeded to have a great time and just about die for the next hour. It was so great to be in a gym again! I am definitely joining one once I'm back in Washington, and then again when I return to Ireland!

Currently I am a bit sore. I've had a bit of water and Geraldine even made me a protein shake =3 I should feel great tomorrow! I'm super glad that they insisted I join them! What a nice day!



Anonymous said...

Bella Roma sounds like an amazing place.

The way you described your experience at the gym made me really miss the routine I had back in Kitsap. Especially the protein shake afterward -- such a pleasant cap for a productive hour.

It will be a fixture in my life again someday.

- John

MJ said...

I am definitely looking forward to visiting a gym regularly :)

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