Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ireland Day 57 - Spanish Arch

I'm trying to remember if I have a blog with this title already. I am too lazy to look.

This will be quick because I am tired!

I had a really nice day today owing to my neat-o friends here! For lunch I met up with Owen and Geraldine and got to hear a bit about their Russian mountain climbing excursion! Sounds as though it was far too much effort XD

After work I met up with Caitriona and Steve. We went to Riordan's because I was hungry, then they got ice cream. I would have loved some ice cream but I forgot my coat today D': I was oddly cold even though they insisted it was warm. I didn't want to exacerbate my coldness though, so I opted out of the treat.

We wandered over to Owen and Geraldine's then. At lunch they invited me to go with them to a pub for a co-worker's going away party. The five of us sat around chatting and enjoying company, then once we headed back into town Steve and Caitriona decided to head on home. Our party reduced to three, we continued on to Massimo's. I think that's what it was called. It was nice to see another new place! I haven't even scratched the surface of good bars/pubs/clubs in Galway.

Geraldine and I proceeded to have a fabulous conversation over Bulmers while Owen chatted up his co-workers. I just got home from catching the 11:15 bus. I am content.


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Melanie Rowe said...

Content is a lovely word and a wonderful way to feel :-)

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